Frequently Asked Questions


Our church has fire and police professionals in our church. Isn’t that enough?

Our team brings not only decades of experience in training police and fire professionals, but decades of experience implementing these tools in church and business contexts. Our services provide the kind of order and united teamwork that is required to equip a functional and effective security team.

Do churches really need an outside security consultant?

Finding room in a tight budget for security can be challenging. Our hope is that our clients never experience a tragedy, but we are convinced having sound safety procedures will give our clients the best chance at success should the unthinkable occur,

What is the mission of Proguard Security?

To provide safety security assessments and options to organizations (public and private) in order to enhance the safety of their staff and patrons.

Do you serve churches and businesses outside the Indianapolis area?

We are happy to accommodate travel requests. Contact us through the form at the bottom of this page to inform us of your location.