Platinum Safety Package

Platinum Safety Package


In this package, you will receive:

  • an on-site assessment of your organization’s safety procedures

  • consultation regarding how the organization can enhance its overall security

  • on-site building safety protocol assessment

  • current safety and security “best practices” assessment

After our visit, you will receive:

  • SWOT Analysis — A document tabulating what safety and security vulnerabilities exist in your organization.

  • Next Steps Report — Our prescribed strategy for your organization and building to become safe and secure.

  • On-Site Volunteer Training — We will conduct a one-day training program with your safety team volunteers so that your organization knows exactly how to implement best safety and security practices even if they are not trained police or fire professionals.

  • SafeScripts — We will write a communications strategy for you to implement with your church so that members and visitors know exactly what they need to know about your safety and security measures without being distracted or overwhelmed with operational details.

  • Police & Fire Liaison — We will reach out to your local police and fire officials to assist in developing a working relationship between you and them, and so that they are aware you are taking proactive measures to be safe and secure.

  • Proguard Official Accreditation — If you implement everything in our Next Steps Report, you will be licensed to display the year-specific Proguard Official Accreditation mark on your organization’s literature. This mark certifies that you have, at the time, of our meeting, met our safety and security standards. This certification expires 12 months after it is issued.

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